Aussie artists and labels are chipping in for bush fire relief!

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Aussie artists and labels are chipping in for bush fire relief!

While catastrophic bush fires have burned over 12,000,000 hectares of land, thousands of homes, over 450,000 animals and the tragic loss of 18 people, Australian’s have shown they are there for each other through never-ending support of clothes, food, and donations!

The local music industry is no different with high profile artists like Flume tipping in $100,000 of his own cash to help WIRES Wildlife rescue, Rufus Du Sol pitching in $50,000 and Merivale hospitality boss Justin Hemmes also pouring in a cool $500,000 of his own dough with the goal of raising a total of $1,000,000.

Those without bucketloads of cash are also doing what they can with countless Australian labels and artists offering up all proceeds from released and new, unreleased music sales towards those in need as well as Rural Fire Services and wildlife sanctuaries.

Some of those include Butter Sessions, NLV Records, Animals Dancing, Mall Grab / Jordon Alexander, Cop Envy and so many more!

Check out Melbourne DJ Pjenné Facebook for an updated and growing list while you take a listen to Mall Grab’s clanging EP below.


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