See Sydney’s first Saturday night lockout free

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See Sydney’s first Saturday night lockout free

On Tuesday the 14th of January 2020, Sydney’s archaic lockout laws were finally lifted across Sydney (except for in Kings Cross). With no real expectation or understanding of how the public would react and a big collection of venues to choose from, photographer Ollie Minnett hit the streets on Saturday night to see whether Sydney’s nightlife would have a sugar hit from the rollbacks.

If you are after something a little bit more spooky, you should check this collection of shots from Kings Cross on a Saturday night.

Cliff Dive
Burdekin Hotel

Soda Factory
Harpoon Harrys

Slyfox – Sadly it’s last night of trade ever before it shuts down 🙁

At the end of the night, Ollie reflected in saying, ‘Everything is really spread out… The lockouts really decentralized the nightlife. You have to move far to go somewhere different, and it seems like a lot of places now have a theme, which means there really isn’t a place to cut your teeth for young musicians and artists to try new things. But these things take time and we are only in the first week.”

Look at haunting photos of Kings Cross in Sydney on a Saturday night


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