Haunting photos of Kings Cross on a Saturday night

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Haunting photos of Kings Cross on a Saturday night

With the rollback of the lockout laws on Sydney’s CBD in full effect, photographer Ollie Minnett went on a mission to see if the first weekend of no curfews would live up to its hype.

In the process of visiting a heap of venues across Oxford St, the CBD and more, he found a moment to dip into Kings Cross to see how things were fairing on a Saturday night. The outcome? Haunting. The bare skeleton of what was Sydney’s creative ‘come as you are’ hub. A ghost town of gentrification and lease signs with venues that were weekly communal hubs converted into gyms or sporting oversized signs that scream desperately for someone to lease them.

Formerly where SOHO and YU presided

Formerly known club down this alley was called Tunnel

Formerly known as Favella

Formerly known as The Backroom

A shot of Darlinghurst Rd Potts Point

Formerly The World Bar and Cali Club

Candy’s Apartment – One of the only surviving clubs

Kings Cross Hotel still going strong

In exciting news, here is a list of Sydney venues now lockout free that we put together in collaboration with spiced rum devotees Baron Samedi!


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