Tourist confirms new album and shares glowing cut “Bunny”

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Tourist confirms new album and shares glowing cut “Bunny”

British producer and all-around nice dude Tourist has confirmed album number three that’ll be dropping later this year while also sharing what will predictably be a glowing cut taken from the 10-tracker.

The yet-to-be-named LP follows in the footsteps of his brilliant ‘U’ album from 2016 and ‘Everyday’ album that dropped earlier this year that included some Australian tour dates with stops in Sydney for Days Like This and Pitch Festival in Melbourne.

Interesting fact, Tourist has writing credits on Avicii’s post mortem album ‘Tim’ – wild huh!

The track dubbed “Bunny” is as expected a brilliant slice of electronica with peppered percussion running a top of a mildly spiced bass-line and chops of ethereal vocals, either a stand-out or easy bridge for the new album.

Those wanting just a little bit more can dive into a recent ambient BBC mix from the big fella which features the unreleased cut “So” around the two-hour mark – huge!


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