Tourist shares moody UK garage cut “Avalanche”

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Tourist shares moody UK garage cut “Avalanche”

UK producer Tourist real name William Edward Phillips has shared another steller cut of contemporary electronica on his own Monday Records label.

The track, “Avalanche” is all that and more with what started out as a glacial ambient piece turned UK garage following the discovery of an Ellie Goulding acapella on his laptop.

Tourist further explains: “I started writing Avalanche on the Isle of Skye whilst on a trip with my wife. Initially – it was a very glacial ambient piece, just synth arpeggios and pads. I was looking out over the sea whilst working on it, it was a deeply moving place to write music. I found an acapella of Ellie Goulding’s on my laptop and I heard this phrase which sounded like ‘Hold Me’, I loved how haunting that was. My instinct on previous albums might have been to leave it ethereal, but with this record – I wanted to push it to a more dance floor place. In the end it became quite a cinematic piece of UK Garage. Also, who doesn’t love an out of context dulcimer. I played it to Ellie and she loved it, thankfully.”

It follows the debut pulsey single “Your Love” which was shared as the centrepiece of his forthcoming studio album ‘Inside Out’ and its yet more brilliant output from the quaint producer.

If this is what to expect of the new LP then we’re very very excited!

‘Inside Out’ drops May 20th, check out the full tracklist below.

01 – Speak In Symphony
02 – Your Love
03 – Avalanche
04 – With You
05 – A Dedication
06 – April
07 – We Thought You Were Sleeping
08 – Lark
09 – Silent Letter
10 – Eternal


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