Tourist announces new album, shares pulsing new track “Your Love”

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Tourist announces new album, shares pulsing new track “Your Love”

British producer Tourist has announced a new album due out May 20th. It’ll be the fourth studio album from the electronica artist and will be called ‘Inside Out’. Better still, comes a pulsing new single.

The single, “Your Love” reflects on a two-year hiatus from releasing and is full of energy with lots of percussions, warm chords and a stuttering bassline. Speaking on the track Tourist explains the almost tragic origins;

“This was one of those tracks I feel like I’ve been trying to write my entire life,” remarks the artist. Written in tribute to a dear friend who passed away, the track is a celebration of life and friendship. “I think the first time I heard it it made me cry. There was something very sincere about the sentiment of asserting a statement of love over and over on a dance track. In the end, It forms the centrepiece of the album, and is the one resounding sentiment I’d love people to take away from Inside Out.”

Check it out below.

The album will feature 10 original tracks and is as personal as it gets with Tourist explaining the process of how it came together;

“It was never a record I had imagined I would write, nor one I would want to again – but the process of creating these tracks was my attempt to make music that comforted me and explored the gamut of emotions one experiences after losing someone. Being unable to see others in the aftermath meant that writing music was a healthy way to occupy myself, and as soon as I felt like the record was in tribute to this person – the album really just wrote itself.”

Tourist – Inside Out Album Tracklisting

01 – Speak In Symphony
02 – Your Love
03 – Avalanche
04 – With You
05 – A Dedication
06 – April
07 – We Thought You Were Sleeping
08 – Lark
09 – Silent Letter
10 – Eternal

Who remembers this super smooth track from Tourist way back in 2016?


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