Jon Hopkins is bringing his huge Live AV show to Australia

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Jon Hopkins is bringing his huge Live AV show to Australia

The man behind some of the most mind bending electronic music of our time is heading back down under, equipped with his live AV show. Yes, we’re talking about non other than Jon Hopkins, the musician behind the 2018 released ‘Singularity‘ album that’s one hell of a listening experience.

As a part of the tour, Jon has detailed that he’ll be doing two live shows in Sydney and Melbourne. The live show is a sweat fest on Jon’s behalf with videos on YouTube (embedded below) displaying the sheer amount of work he gets up to on stage, cuing beats and bashing out melodies as a one man electronic orchestra. This is one you won’t want to miss!

With the show, just beyond new years eve, the announcement begs to questions whether Jon Hopkins will be making an appearance at any Field Day, Lost Paradise or any of the other scheduled music festivals over the new year.

04/01/2020 – Melbourne, AU – The Forum (tickets)
05/01/2020 – Sydney, AU – Sydney Opera House (tickets)
10/01/2020 – Perth, AU – Jack Rabbit Slim’s (DJ Set) (tickets)

For fans of Jon Hopkins, you should check out Australian artist Pat Carroll and his Conditions EP.


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