Mazde returns with super smooth Flume tribute

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Mazde returns with super smooth Flume tribute

Mazde has released a super chill tribute to Flume after listening to the mixtape accompanied with visualiser. Having recently added singer / songwriter to his musical portfolio, we caught up with the Darmstadt based producer to chat about his two minute jig.

What is the meaning behind the lyrics of your song?

i often top line a beat of mine with just freestyle and see what words come out of my mouth and go from there. So the meaning might be a bit all over the place. But basically it’s about this guy that’s uncertain if a girl he’s with wants to leave him.. So he says “Tap if you wanna go separate ways“. Which means, in the digital age everything is just a tap away. Lines like “I’m amazed i’m amazed i’m amazed” are just freestyles about the drone footage.

Creatively, what influences has Flume had on your own music?

When I first heard Flume back in 2012, i think it was the disclosure remix, he completely opened up my understanding of music and expanded my horizon creatively.

Where was your drone footage filmed?

The visualizer is all self shot drone footage on the same day that I wrote the song.. It basically all happened in 24hrs after I watched the Flume Mixtape.

– You’ve recently taken the step from producer to producer & singer songwriter. What inspired you to start singing and song writing?

I always used to sing as a kid.. not really good but I loved it. I think after I worked with the first vocalists on songs eg. LissA I started getting into writing my own songs and recording them as well.

Take a look and listen below!


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