Daft Punk ready huge ‘Technologic’ art exhibition with special guests

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Daft Punk ready huge ‘Technologic’ art exhibition with special guests

Is the Daft Punk machine never not turning? Guess you could say they are better, stronger, harder and faster than ever before with the announce of a giant art exhibition that’ll feature some really special guests.

Taking place in Paris (of course) from April 9th to August 11th at the¬†Philharmonie de Paris will be a huge interactive art exhibition full of rare bits of electro history, more importantly focusing on a raft of Daft Punk goodies with costumes, animatronics, helmets and more all inspired by their 2005 album ‘Human After All’.

According to Mixmag the exhibition has pulled in some other big guns to add to the overall experience with Kraftwerk penning three audiovisual performances, something special from Jean-Michel Jarre and 11 ‘exclusive mixes’ from Laurent Garner that’ll be played over the course of the showcase – phwoar!

The official site explains it best;

Since its advent more than thirty years ago in the underground nightclubs of Chicago and Detroit, electronic music has spread around the world. It has given rise to not only a vast musical culture, but also a political and counter-culture dimension. Set to music by Laurent Garnier, this exhibition examines the different facets of the electro phenomenon.

So if you happen to be in the French capital in the next few months be sure to check out the ‘Electro Exhibition’, more details here.


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