Some monsters are trying to further regulate nangs!

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Some monsters are trying to further regulate nangs!

You read it right folks, a youth advocate group is calling for the further regulation of nangs.

Co-ordinator of Byron Bay Schoolies Safety Response, Nicqui Yazdi, has come out saying that they need to be better regulated, going further to say the shops selling them need to be held more responsible.

“The reality is, they just shouldn’t be selling them in the first place.”

“Any shop owner, manager or anyone ordering stock would have to know exactly what that is being used for.”

As it currently stands the NSW laws are that it is illegal for someone to give you nangs while knowing that it’s going to be used for “human consumption” and that carries a maximum penalty of two years jail time. As you’d imagine however it’s not the easiest thing to police.

“There is the possibility that it is an offence under the Drugs Misuse and Trafficking Act, but how do police prove that it is being used for psychoactive effect unless someone actually states that to police?” said Detective Chief Inspector Brendon Cullen.

The detective chief inspector has said that his area command has in the past seized a bunch of nitrous oxide cannisters at local music festivals (e.g. Splendour) but no charges were ever laid.

This comes after the proposed changes in classification on amyl were pushed back for further review.

What do you think, would Nangs being better regulated affect you? If you’re


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