Amyl’s safe… for now

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Amyl’s safe… for now

You might remember that not that long ago there was a report that looked to classify poppers (aka amyl) in a similar vein to heroin, thus criminalising the popular drug.

Just last week, the report that was meant to lead to said decision was delayed after a release from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) said they’d need more information to make a full report, delaying it from November 29 to an unknown future date.

Sniffing amyl is something you’ll see or smell at a lot of dance music events. It gives a small head rush and is also used to assist in anal sex (also something associated with electronic music and its history). Needless to say when the initial proposal by the TGA came out, there were a few raised eyebrows and a few more raised voices, so this delay is welcomed by a lot of parties.

Read the latest release here and tell us if you think amyl should be criminalised!


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