Listen to RÜFÜS’ absolute journey of a new track ‘Underwater’

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Listen to RÜFÜS’ absolute journey of a new track ‘Underwater’

It’s no secret that RÜFÜS are one of our favourites here at Stoney and it’s also no secret that they’ve got an LP, Solace, dropping soon. To add to the list of absolute not-secrets, they’ve just cheekily put out their second single from Solace on Spotify.

Their new one, Underwater, is unmistakably RÜFÜS. It has that smooth, brooding vocal track and hard hitting synth line that coupled with the backing choir vocal really makes the track develop through a journey. It’s a bit of a slow burner but an absolute banger nonetheless.

If the first couple of tunes from Solace are anything to go by we might be in for an album that gives Innerbloom a run for its money! That’s enough bloody yarning from us, have a listen below and tell us what you think/grab it from here!



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