It looks like NSW sniffer dogs are wrong most of the time

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It looks like NSW sniffer dogs are wrong most of the time

New figures have just come out that really make us question the use of sniffer dogs.

Apparently drugs were found only 406 times out of the 1124 times people were strip searched because of a sniffer dog in 2017.  This means that 718 people were strip searched despite not having anything on them throughout the year, a 64% fail rate.

According to The New Daily with 735 people strip searched 321 found something which isn’t much better at a 56% fail rate between January and June 7.

Greens MP, David Shoebridge who runs the party’s Sniff Off campaign believes that this failure rate wouldn’t fly in any other government program, saying “Any other government program that gets it wrong almost two-thirds of the time would be immediately halted.”

This all seems pretty suspicious to us, so what do you think, is this an acceptable strike rate for the puppers?

[Via: Mixmag]


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