Things we learnt from Mat Zo’s Reddit AMA

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Things we learnt from Mat Zo’s Reddit AMA

British composer Mat Zo has taken to the message board of Reddit’s electronic music community for an AMA, and there is plenty of interesting takes from some of the 200+ questions thrown his way.

Here are some takeaways from the questionnaire that might tickle your interest:

What are some of your favorite albums for this decade?
Flying Lotus – Cosmosgramma, Noisia – Outer Edges, Tame Impala – Currents to name a few

Who is making music right now that inspires you?
G Jones, Zeke Beats, Krayysh, Jon Hopkins, Joe Ford, Fox Stevenson to name a few

I love this counsel pop EP. Any idea when we might get an LP from him on Mad Zoo?
We’re hoping for a Counsel Pop LP just as much as you! He is busy working on the special effects for movies when he’s not producing, so hopefully he finds some time to do an album.

Any plans for more Kill The Zo collabs with KTN?

KTN and I are working on a bunch of stuff 😉

Simple question, kind of out of left field: How is your quality of life and well being?
My quality of life is great, I have everything I need. Although my physical and mental wellbeing comes and goes. I probably don’t get enough exercise and I smoke too much weed

Do you see that stuff ever making a resurgence or am I stuck being a crabby old “back in my day” trance fan?
I believe music is cyclic so everything makes a comeback eventually. I’ve been working on some ‘throwback’ trance stuff because I’ve been feeling the same way as you for years

Will we ever see a full-length MRSA release in the future?
This is something I’ve always wanted to do for sure

Mat, what is your favourite Beatles song?
Tomorrow Never Knows by far

Can we expect a 3rd full length Mat Zo album soon?
Not anytime soon, but I am working on an album 😉

What’s the hardest track/remix you’ve ever made and why?
I’m nearly finished with this tune I’ve been working on for about 2 years now. It’s definitely been my biggest pain in the arse. It’ll be out in September

When producing, have you worked with vocalists in person before and how is it different from working long-distance?
When I’m working with vocalists in person I can give more direction to how they’re singing which is nice, but sometimes the best takes are recorded when the vocalists are by themselves

Read the full QnA thread right here, and revisit Mat Zo’s latest album below.


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