How Rob Swire pissed off an entire scene and more, answered in his AMA

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How Rob Swire pissed off an entire scene and more, answered in his AMA

Rob Swire is an icon, from Pendulum to Knife Party and everything in between, what he’s done is nothing short of legendary and as a known introvert, this all came as a bit of a suprise.

Before he’d even started, he expressed his predisposition “I’d like to preface this by saying I sincerely regret agreeing to this AMA,” but that didn’t stop him from giving a bunch of great answers, here’s some of the ones that got us going!

Are we getting a new Knife Party EP this year?

Any fond memories? Any regrets?
I guess if I had to go back to 2005 and start again, I would probably start a new project for the band and keep Pendulum as a dnb thing (rather than piss off an entire scene). For some reason, that didn’t seem like an option back then.

And what excites you musically these days? Any artists to listen to?
I really respect what Porter Robinson is doing with his own stuff and Virtual Self too – out of everyone, it seems like he gives the least fucks and just seems to do whatever he wants at all times. And it sounds sincere and unique

Any plans for putting the reworks on SoundCloud without the go+ restriction?
I had no idea people still used SoundCloud and have no idea what go+ is 

How have changes in technology changed the setup of your live shows and is there any emerging tech that you plan/hope to include one day?
We went from using 10 of these to using 4 Mac Mini’s with MainStage, and they’ve been much more reliable. Everything, including FOH setup (Waves LV1), can now be packed into carry-on / check-in luggage…which means that we don’t have to pay for freight! It also means I can adjust the FOH mix from my hotel room, give FOH a USB key and use the updated mix that same night.

Favourite and least favourite EDM trend
Favourite: None
Least Favourite: Trap
There’s plenty more that you can check out here!


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