ODESZA are finally doing a Reddit AMA and it’s next week!

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ODESZA are finally doing a Reddit AMA and it’s next week!

After mowing their incredible new live show through Australia before topping the billboard charts with their latest album A Moment Apart, ODESZA have revealed they will finally to undertaking a Reddit AMA.

Set to go down on September 26, the Seattle duo have been on the most wanted list of the the r/electronicmusic community for some time, and will at last be giving up some insight to us eager Redditors.

The guys made the annoucnement over night on Facebook, locking in the time frame for their AMA ┬áso you can all be ready. For those unaware of what AMA’s are or how they work, it’s fairly simple. It stands for Ask Me Anything, so that’s what people do and they answer as many as they can. Capiche?

Head over to r/electronicmusic for more details or their Facebook post. For us Aussies eager to get involved, the AMA will be taking place at approximately 2am, September 27.



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