American duo ODESZA share new album ‘The Last Goodbye’

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American duo ODESZA share new album ‘The Last Goodbye’

Can we agree there is almost too much music getting released now? Feels like we blink and there’s a new album from one of your top 10 artists.

As is the case for American duo ODESZA, real names Clayton Knight and Harrison Mills, who have gone and shared a new album dubbed ‘The Last Goodbye’.

The heavy name? Intentional with a big time of reflection after being pulled from the road during the start of Covid and what led to a 4-year hiatus in new music. During that time they reconnected with family and friends and unearthed old films and audio of time spent with those closest around them, with many of these snippets surfacing throughout the record.

While there is a heavy ‘theme’ the music is a step back to their original, optimistic and melodic roots with plenty of dazzling and sparkling electronic music.

In terms of features, there are certainly some respected and innovative names throughout with ambient god Olafur Arnalds, indie-dance specialists The Knocks, pop icon Lapsley, soul goddess Bettye LaVette and so many more leaving their mark.

Need something to lift those spirits today? Look no further than ODESZAs newest album ‘The Last Goodbye’


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