Apple Music dethrones Spotify

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Apple Music dethrones Spotify

Reports are saying that in the USA the subscriber counts for Apple Music are higher than Spotify and only growing. This comes after articles earlier in the year saying it was bound to happen soon.

On top of that Spotify’s campaign for Drake’s new album Scorpion was heavily criticised for being so aggressive to the point it made browsing Spotify uncomfortable. To rub salt in that wound Apple Music would post higher stream numbers for the album by 30 million, despite the aggressive campaign from Spotify.

Apple Music seems to be seeing the most success in the Rap genre, which is good for them because according a Nielsen report, 36.2 percent of all music streaming is from “Hip-Hop/R&B.”

While the global subscriber count is higher for Spotify, (including the free service) if trends keep going the way they are it seems only a matter of time before Apple Music takes over completely!

[Via: Slate]


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