Breaking: Just A Gent trades in his Top Hat for a Fedora

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Breaking: Just A Gent trades in his Top Hat for a Fedora

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Just A Gent has rocked the music world today, announcing he is retiring the Top Hat in place of a Fedora.

The Novocastrian – who won best up-and-coming artist at the 2015 Stoney Roads awards – spilled the beans this morning via Facebook, explaining that “it is the right time for a change. It’s been at the back of my mind for some time now, and in all honesty the fedora seems like the only way forward for my brand.”

Just A Gent has been something of a Top-Hat connoisseur for a while now, a look that has become synonymous with his globally recognised brand. But it seems even an artist of his calibre can be doubtful at times, and this rather aggressive rebranding has turned a lot of heads in the industry and in his fan base.

“I’m not quite sure about it, but I’ve learned to just trust him on this kind of stuff” his manager told B-Side, adding that “in all fairness, I was getting over the top hat look anyway, and I’ve been pushing him to lose the hats all together. But alas, he is the artist and I have to respect to creative direction.”

Fans are on the fence with the change, with one expressing her concern for the new look in saying that “the top hat was part of the musical experience for me. I’m unsure that I’ll be able to listen to him now that he has a fedora. It just doesn’t feel right.” But some doubts were met with confidence in his decision, with one fan telling us that “Just A Gent knows what he is doing, and if anyone in the dance music spectrum can pull off this noble, gentleman’s cap, it is him.”

More to come. For now, check the rest of his tour dates below.

15 Jun – Chinese Laundry, Sydney
22 Jun – Mr Wolf, Canberra
29 Jun – Night Cat, Melbourne
30 Jun – King Street Hotel, Newcastle


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