Jon Hopkins shares incredible new single ‘Everything Connected’

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Jon Hopkins shares incredible new single ‘Everything Connected’

Image: Steve Gullick

Jon Hopkins has shared another cut from his forthcoming album ‘Singularity’ and it’s as incredible as you’d hope.

Titled ‘Everything Connected’, this nearly 6-minute cut spirals into a entanglement of instrumentation that only Hopkins could tie together. The first half sees him building the foundation for the track, before we get hit with walls of euphoric synths that inevitably lead to a sonic climax.

Armed once again with a captivating visualiser for the track, Hopkins takes the listener on an audio-visual journey of enlightenment and bliss. Like the true artist he is, he leaves us feeling as eager as ever for his new album, which you can pre-order right here.

Listen to ‘Everything Connected’ below for now and enjoy this electronic masterpiece (and we don’t often say that word).


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