Premiere: Eduardo Muchacho returns with steaming cut ‘Day Spa’

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Premiere: Eduardo Muchacho returns with steaming cut ‘Day Spa’

Enigmatic Sydney track selector and all round legend, Eduardo Muchacho has returns with his steaming sophomore release, ‘Day Spa’.

Having indulged us with his stellar debut, Intoxicated’, in 2017, the Australian night-crawler has raised the bar on his latest single, out via Of Leisure on 29th March. ‘Day Spa’ commences with a soothing yet progressive synth line, which prepares the listener for a sonically pleasing journey. Instantaneously, we are transported to the place where Eduardo presumably wrote this track. A steaming Jacuzzi on a rooftop, with a champagne bottle in hand, donning a crisp white robe with a cigar situated between his lips…with no cares in the world.

A Detroit-house inspired vocal sample proclaiming “It’s a sauna in here right now” is layered upon an exploratory synth-line to give the track an ethereal edge. However, the track’s most powerful element is most certainly it’s jazzy key rhythm which embodies feelings of sensuality and passion.

To it’s credit, this track expresses confidence and subtlety in equal parts. Muchacho’s latest groover would be equally suitable for the club as a pre-midnight delight or at the after hours as a mid-morning burner. The track has been circulating in the clubs for the past few weeks now, with international support coming from the likes of Josh Butler, Horse Meat Disco and Luigi Madonna.

Stream this tidy track from an Australian up-and-comer and prepare for an epic eargasm:


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