Groove City are back with another juicy, love-making cover

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Groove City are back with another juicy, love-making cover

Ahead of their appearances at The Island w/ Cosmos Midnight and ACCESS w/ Luke Million this week, fun-loving duo Groove City have dropped a video to a groovy and juicy cover of Breakwater and Daft Punk. The boys have given us a little taste of what to expect from their upcoming shows and with amazing talent and the ability to bring a good vibe to the stage, your’e in for a helluva good time with Groove City.

Groove City have mashed together two iconic songs from two iconic bands, Breakwater and Daft Punk and have done a spot on cover of it. French legends Daft Punk sampled Breakwater‘s Release The Beast to make their huge hit Robot Rock and Groove City have taken that idea and added their own flair to it. With a bit of a throwback vibe, high energy, killer vocals and a very memorable riff, Groove City have definitely pulled this cover off.

“There is not much we admire more than Daft Punk’s skill for sampling… In the case of their hit, “Robot Rock” they found a super short but super funky riff and repeated it to make an entirely new song, and they pulled it off. The track they used was from 1980 by a band called Breakwater. We decided to mash both of these up and we had a lot of fun with it” – Groove City

Groove City have also taken to social media to share the news of some brand new music on the way. They’ve been quietly working hard down in a Melbourne studio for the last few months and will be dropping some new tunes very, very soon.

Adding some more good news on top of the good news, Groove City have also locked in a place on this year’s Groovin’ The Moo in Canberra. Groovin‘ and Groove City? That’s definitely something we can get behind.

Suss out their cover down below!


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