Someone compiled a bunch of vintage rave posters

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Someone compiled a bunch of vintage rave posters

When it comes to throwing parties, the poster is a big selling point. Sure, a solid lineup and reputation comes into the equation, but let’s face it, the first thing that grabs your attention is the poster. The layout, the colours, the fonts used etc; these are some of the factors that come into play when designing a solid event poster, and it’s something that 90s ravers had down to a fine art.

Courtesy of Reddit, we have stumbled upon a webpage that is stacked with vintage, 90s rave posters, and they’re fucking gold!

To some of you, these posters might not look that dated considering the trend in lo-fi event posters and design that is so popular right now, but when you check out the lineups and dates, you might start to feel a little old. Time really is a flat circle.

Check out some below and head to the website here for more.


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