Daft Punk’s debut album ‘Homework’ turns 21 this week

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Daft Punk’s debut album ‘Homework’ turns 21 this week

Wow. Feeling as old as ever right now knowing that a bulk of you reading this weren’t even born when this album was dropped, but we gotta wish the happiest of birthdays to Daft Punk for what was their inaugural studio album and introduction to what would be their utter dominance in electronic music – ‘Homework’.

The 16-track LP was released on Virgin officially on January 20th, 1997 and is home to over 73 minutes of timeless, progressive electronic music, as seen on tracks such as ‘Da Funk’, ‘Alive’, ‘Human After All’ and all the rest. Start to finish, it is a classic.

As mentioned prior, ‘Homework’ helped kick start a global domination for Daft Punk, that was well and truly cemented come 2001 with their follow up album, ‘Discovery’. The album also inspired a new generation of electronic artistry, and for that it deserves the classiest of hat-tips from me.

If you’re keen on reliving some of these golden tunes, Australia’s own Daft Punk tribute duo, Discovery will be headlining Sosueme at Bondi Beach Road tonight and it’s FREE. Click here for more info on that, and relive one of our favourite tracks from ‘Homework’ below.



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