Body Promise debuts Andy Garvey’s ‘Club Music (Tool)’ from forthcoming compilation

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Body Promise debuts Andy Garvey’s ‘Club Music (Tool)’ from forthcoming compilation

After curating an impressive debut compilation album last year that saw bright and talented artists such as Kimchi Princi, Slim Set, Letabruthaknow and Marcus Not Singing make their mark, Body Promise have announced that their second compilation is very much done and is ready to be unleashed.

The forward-thinking collective shared one of Sydney’s favourite DJ’s Andy Garvey spectacular debut single called ‘Club Music [Tool]’Andy Garvey is no stranger to our underground music scene and has been praised for her taste but now she’s taken it up a notch and plunged into the world of producing. ‘Club Music [Tool]’ is a hard-hitting, thumping four-on-the-floor track and completely reflects her style. With producing up her sleeve, the young tastemaker will be unstoppable next year.

Taking the title ‘Fantastic Effects‘, Body Promise‘s second compilation will see a variety of bold and up-and-coming producers come together and deliver a big and well-crafted list of choons that lean towards the percussive end of club and bass music. The compilation will include hot tunas from friendships, DJ Plead, DJ Logic, The Ghan, Hot Wavs, Makeda, T.Morimoto, DIN, Crazy Legs and a handful more.

The compilation drops next Friday 24 November but in the meantime…give Andy Garvey‘s Club Music [Tool] a spin!


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