2ManyDJs take a swipe at predictable festival lineups

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2ManyDJs take a swipe at predictable festival lineups

For over two decades, Belgian brothers David and Stephen Dewaele have been pushing boundaries and have continued to make their mark in our evolving music scene. The multi-talented brothers have created a legacy for themselves and grown a huge network of followers across the globe. From their admirable label DEEWEE to their radio show; Radio Soulwax to being a part of one of the most prolific groups Soulwax, David and Stephen Dewaele have continued to cement their place in the music industry.

While DJ-ing all over the world as 2ManyDJs, the pair have also delivered a number of cutting-edge remixes and productions of our favourites like Tame ImpalaMGMT and Hot Chip, so when we heard they were coming to our turf over the New Year, we couldn’t wait to have a chat and find out what’s been happening on their end!

SR: Hey Guys! So with the New Year around the corner, what artists have you been keeping an eye on and who do you think will blow up in 2018?

2MDJs – Wyatt and Fletcher Shears are twin brothers who make music under various solo projects such as Enjoy and Puzzle and also together as The Garden. they are extremely prolific and we love what they do.

Secondly we’d be lying if we weren’t looking forward to all the releases on our label DEEWEE where we’ve been producing new and upcoming artists, many of which have albums in the pipeline, like Bolis Pupul, Charlotte Adigery, Philippi & Rodrigo Asa Moto, Future Sound Of Antwerp and a few more.

SR: What did you observe as a trend in club music production in 2017, and what direction do you think club music will go in 2018 (what do you expect to see more / less of)?

2MDJs – In all honesty, club music production is just a symptom of a larger issue and that is that the internet (or in fact humans using the internet) has made for everything to be much more splintered and fractured into smaller niche groups, and hopefully 2018 will bring more unifying forces, as in acts that don’t settle for smaller audiences, that don’t fear being popular to not just their core audience. That, or a complete wipe of the established status quo, like Punk was, but that seems like it won’t ever happen again.

SR: What artist do you think will make a great comeback in 2018?

2MDJs – Joe Dolce

SR: What do you think the music industry / the music scene in general could with do less of in 2018?

2MDJs – Bland, repetitive, anthemic Pop music

SR: How do you see music festivals evolving in 2018?

2MDJs – The evolution of music festivals currently feels a bit like a devolution as they are all becoming very similar to each other with often the same line-ups and little to distinguish them apart from their location. Would be great to see them evolving to create more unique, interesting and varied curations, like they do with Meltdown (which we played this year) and not just booking the same acts every time. Not including us obviously. We should be booked on all festivals. No matter what. You just can’t have 2much of 2many…

SR: What music festivals do you think were the best ones in 2017 and do you think they will maintain their reign into 2018?

2MDJs – This is not new, but like many people we tend to enjoy the smaller ones a bit more than the festivals where it feels like an uncontrollable gigantic machine. Just like these big festivals can’t possibly feel personal for the crowd, they can’t for the bands either. Lost Village was a good example one of our favourites this year. We played there both as Soulwax and 2ManyDJs and the crowd, organisation, etc were brilliant on both occasions, possibly mainly because of its size. It’s a perfect little festival so hopefully it can continue to evolve without getting too big and losing what is good about it. The sad thing is festivals often become a victim of their own success and invariably suffer from expansion and greater exposure.

SR: What’s the best thing that happened to 2ManyDJs in 2017?

2MDJs – Once again we got to travel the globe and to continue to do what we love doing – playing records & making people dance. We also learnt how to levitate which was nice. Very useful when your legs get tired.

SR: What do you see in 2ManyDJs’ future in 2018?

2MDJs – We’re going to be making things uncomfortable for ourselves as 2ManyDJs in 2018.

No plans for the New Year? You can check these guys out alongside other legends such as TIGA, Paces, Krafty Kuts and Hot Dub Time Machine in Sydney for NYE In The Park! Suss out all the details here and cop your tickets now!

While we wait for the New Year, give their monster essentials mix a spin.


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