Keep Sydney Open could be running for Parliament

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Keep Sydney Open could be running for Parliament

How far will you go to support your local nightlife? Well our beloved Keep Sydney Open group is taking it upon themselves to run for get a seat in Parliament with your support.

Starting out with vehement protests against the lockout laws posing threats towards Sydney’s nightlife, Keep Sydney Open have built a strong enough brand for themselves that their logo is seen all over nighttime events across the city. Their reputation has allowed them to pull in tens of thousands of supporters for their cause, and they’re growing steadily to the point where their looking to go beyond just local rallies.

Spokesperson Tyson Koh has announced a requested whether people believe they should run for parliament and whether they could garner the votes for it. “We need 750 registered members and if we can achieve that over the next few weeks then it’s pretty clear that you think we should run,” says Koh.

“New South Wales is broken and sorely lacking in innovative, fresh ideas that put people first instead of developers and big business” Koh continues to say, showing a strong passion for the arts that he claims have been neglected prior to KSO forming.

Will they be seen as a party in the next election? Would they get your vote?



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