LA duo DJDS grab Khalid for lush new single

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LA duo DJDS grab Khalid for lush new single

Words by Max Jacobson

The LA-based production duo DJDS have been making serious moves behind the scenes, but it’s time we hear their name in the spotlight. While you weren’t looking, they soundtracked the Kanye’s Yeezy season 5 in February, as well as gaining production credits on basically half of Life is Pablo. Fresh off the back of producing some of Khalid’s chart-smashing American Teen album, the duo have recruited him and fellow LA singer-songwriter Empress Of for their new single ‘Empress Of’.

The track is a nice little ballad, with passionate vocals from Khalid with ethereal backing vocals from Empress Of, which adds a lot of character to the track. The production itself fits a dance-pop/R&B feel, with some big bass and heavy grooves that get the heads bopping and the hips moving. DJDS have a strong sense of textures, bringing in light synths over the top of the throbbing dub-like beat bursts into the hook. The refrain itself is super catchy, and really lets the production chops of DJDS take over and carry the track. If you’re looking for a really warm, pleasing electro-pop earworm, look no further than this track here.

DJDS haven’t officially announced any plans on what’s next for them, but we’re looking forward to what could possibly follow this. We need more electro-pop/r&b like this.


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