Marshmello tones it down with new Khalid collab

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Marshmello tones it down with new Khalid collab

Words by Max Jacobson

Electronic party-starter Marshmello’s new track ‘Silence’ shows him toning down a bit on the bright synths and massive drops, and instead going for more of a sensitive vibe with the help of the loveable R&B/hip-hop rising star, Khalid.

The EDM enigma has been making waves in the internet music world since his massive ‘Where R U Now’ remix took SoundCloud by storm. Marshmello has yet to slow down since then with a #1 album on iTunes electronic chart, and a consecutive tour of 250 sold out shows. So with all this success in dropping heat, it’s understandable to hear him cool it down a bit for this single.

Make no mistake, this is very much still a Marshmello track through and through. This track will likely sit in the middle of his festival set, during the comedown, rather than be a big opener to get the crowd pumped.

2017’s fresh face of R&B, Khalid jumps on the track to really help enrich the emotion of the track. Khalid feels comfortable as ever on this track providing a delicate vocal performance to Marshmello’s smooth textures.

While it’s a little tougher to wave your glow sticks to this track at a fest, ‘Silence’ is definitely still a Marshmello song through and through with its merits on the softer side.

Give ‘Silence’ a spin below and tell us what you think of it.


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