Five Bass Artists Pushing The Genre’s Boundaries

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Five Bass Artists Pushing The Genre’s Boundaries

When it comes to saying f*ck genres, no one says it louder than LNY TNZ.

Hailing from The Netherlands, this veteran legit live by the motto ‘FVCK GENRES’, something that has worked in their favour particularly with their eclectic mix of bass-meets-hardcore style of music.

With the guys currently completing an Aussie tour, with a show at The MET in Brisbane, we decided to find out who they look to as some artists pushing the genre boundaries.

here are their five choices!

Boaz van de Beatz & Mr Polska

Both have been bending genres for years now ever since they teamed up and started to make these weird yet fresh sounding tunes. Nowadays their tracks are known worldwide as even the biggest artists are adding similar sounds and drops to their tracks and sets. Big fan of the music these guys have released over the past years, and excited to be working on new tracks with both of them.


Two great friends from us who have been killing it for a while and made some big steps recently. Last year we did a remix for their Murda Sound track on Barong Family and we have had them on our Fvck Genres festival hosting two years in a row. These guys are really switching it up! You might want to keep your eyes open for a remix they will do for one of our latest tracks.


Our good friend and number 1 in bringing that ‘Jungle Terror’ sound. This guy has proved himself to be such a great multigenre producer. With his unique drum/jungle sounds he knows how to add his trademark to all his projects though. Cool fact is that we are working on some new tunes together.


Two well respected colleagues in the ‘Fvck Genres’ scene as they have a clear message of their own. (Death To Genres) Checking out new music by these guys is always exciting, since they cover a wide variety of genres in music with their tracks. Their tracks have caused many mosh-pits during our sets!


These guys have been killing it for a while now. The have also been touring in Australia twice and we have had them on our Fvck Genres festival hostings before. These guys have made some killer remixes of our tracks “Fired Up” and “We Don’t Care”. We played a b2b set for the first time ever on Tomorrowland this year. Stay tuned because we might be working ons some fire together!

You can catch LNY TNZ in action, bending genres which ever way they please tonight at The MET for Ransom. Click here for more info!


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