20 perfect tunes for a lazy Sunday session

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20 perfect tunes for a lazy Sunday session

Words by Patrick Marshal

It’s 10am, Sunday morning. You’re a little hungover but that’s fine because you have a full da of zero plans ahead to recover. What do you do? You dive into this playlist, that’s what! We decided it was necessary to compile some of our favourite Sunday session tunes; beats for when you’re too wrecked to anything but need to build a bit of a vibe.

Tracks from Tourist, Clams Casino, Mazde and Mr Carmack are just some of what make up our finely curated list; one that will have your mates begging for your prime, tune knowledge.

Dive into the list below, paired with some potential responses you’ll get for flaunting this to your mates.

1: Chris Malinchak – So Good To Me

“You know the trick to a good B2B aux session? Make sure at least one persons fingers are always on the volume knob.”

2: Klyne РStill Not Over You (Mall Grab Remix)

“I’ve met Mall Grab before.”

3: Tourist – Your Girl

“Remember when you found this on majestic Casual? Yep, so do I.”

4: Mr Carmack – The Next Afternoon

“The man with the melodies. Super fresh mang.”

5: Bibio – You

“You think they have this on vinyl?”

6: Clams Casino – I’m God

“This is a real anthem man. Appreciate you putting this on, appreciate you.”


“The Paul brothers are legends. You ever respond to Jai sending you more demos?”

8: Mazde – Spreewaldplatz

“The Berlin maestro! We should definitely go sometime, just me and you.”

9: Dathan – Mirror Masa (Tribute)

“Great selection! Don’t know why I check discogs, I should just come to you.”

10: Lord Echo – Thinking Of You (7″ Edit)

“I have been meaning to get into vinyl.”

11: WAZA – Act 2 By Waza

“Definitely pulled one over old B2B DJ mate¬†right here. Who is this?”

12: Vanilla – Beyond

“Vanilla is the beat chopping master. Can’t beat a soulful Vanilla sample and funky bass line.”

13: Edo Lee – Black Coffee

“Super smooth my dude.”

14: Jungle – The Heat

“That roller skates in the video clip. Reminds me, actually I have some spare in the back seat. Next servo stop?”

15: Harriet Brown & Astronauts etc. – Fiction

“Deadset no stitch up banger right here lad.”

16: Jesse McCartney – Beautiful Soul

“Solid throwback mate.”

17: Sam Gellaitry – Sprinkles

“Definitely unreleased?”

18: D33J – Empty Sunset

“Isn’t this bloke releasing an album soon?”

19: Weirdinside – Little Angels

“Reminds me of when I use to smoke up with Johnny Hopkins and Sloan Kettering at the Berghain.”

“I swear I got you onto Shlohmo, right?”

If you’re after more tunes of this nature, be sure to follow our Lazy Day Beats playlist on Spotify. Find that right here.


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