SoundCloud’s laid-off staff offered $10,000 each to start something new

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SoundCloud’s laid-off staff offered $10,000 each to start something new

Words by Patrick Marshal

WeTransfer in an act of philanthropy to be revered, is looking to give away 10k to the employees laid off by Soundcloud.

The driving idea behind it is that the 173 employees that were let off from Soundcloud have the potential to be innovators in of themselves and any of those 173 are more than capable of creating that new zesty platform.

WeTransfer is a service with a history of helping creative persons. FKA Twigs was the benefactor of such help with the financing of her films, a radio station was helped and also World Wide FM with Gilles Peterson all received assistance, with this just the being music side! They also give away 30% of their wallpaper space for advertising to artists and creators – Legends!

The company itself had humble beginnings that speaks also to the reason why such an offering is being made. WeTransfer opening in 2009 and being self funded, it didn’t reach profitability until four years later. The 10k start that is being offered to former Soundcloud employees obviously baring similarities to their start in the industry.

If anything Soundcloud is a business model to learn from and the encouragement for people who have worked close to the audio innovating beast will easily know what the flaws of the company were and even potentially partner up in building off these mistakes – hopefully even learn a thing or two from WeTransfers philanthropic benchmark.

Think of it like the 1997 Bill Gates investment in Apple, but for individual developers let off by Soundcloud and looking for a new platform we can mine away for tunes like we all have with the service they were once working for. Exciting times!

(Source: FACT Mag)


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