Should We Ban Mobile Phones In Aussie Clubs?

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Should We Ban Mobile Phones In Aussie Clubs?

Doing the usual scan of Facebook and copped an interesting take on European clubbing (happens a bit around this time of the year right?) and really got me thinking about a mobile phones place when you find yourself out enjoying the nightlife.

I know this comes off sorta cynical and jaded and akin to those rock heads who don’t believe electronic music is real music but hear me out on this one.

Good friend Leila’s chat after a recent visit to Berlin…

It’s a totally new experience partying in venues with a no-phone policy.

I actually have so much respect for it… there are stickers placed over your smartphone cameras before you enter & you’re kicked out if anyone sees you breaking that rule. It means everyone is there for the music, the vibe, the moment, not trying to parade themselves around or worrying about how they look or what other, better things they might be missing out on. The only lights you see on the dance floor are strobes, lasers and beams coming from the ceiling, rather than tiny screens. People are talking, dancing, speaking to each other, looking up instead of down into their hands.

No mirrors in the bathrooms means no time spent fixing makeup… Everyone’s sweaty and a little dusty and nobody gives a shit. You can wear whatever you feel like wearing, do what you want, be what you want to be, without fearing the ridicule of being “exposed” and judged by those who aren’t a part of it. You lose track of time in an amazing way, because nobody around is reminding you there’s an outside world accessible through a screen. Plus, you get to experience these incredibly imaginative and fantastic spaces for the first time when you walk through the door, in the now, rather than seeing countless iPhone snaps and selfies online first.

The idea sounds romantic and has proven a success in Berlin and throughout Europe where there is a deep history of dance and electronic music and the culture is rich but could it work in Australia?

In short, yes! Here’s why.

It’s already happening… sort of 

There’s been a huge resurgence in warehouse parties as a counter movement to the often over regulated events, more so since the cracking down of nightlife in certain cities like Sydney where there just aren’t any alternatives to party after 2am unless you head to the casino (derp).

If you’ve been to a couple lately you would probably notice mobile phones are already becoming a forgotten item and only crucial to scoring an uber there and home and instead people are dancing and chatting to each other and making new friends (aww).

So you’ve got the grassroots already on-board, it wouldn’t be too hard pushing the things up the grapevine to established venues with a similar message of forgetting about you’re daily grind via your mobile and instead losing yourself in the moment.

Pics or it didn’t happen…

I might be getting a bit older now but it doesn’t seem like every single weekend is being captured and shared as it used to be, almost as if the necessity isn’t there anymore to cop yet another selfie on another night out.

Sure it’s a nice distraction when you’re bored walking the beat but you’re in the club and watching a DJ!

Maybe we’ve come full circle and starting to reject socials and a nudge from venues and promoters to keep your mobile in your pocket which throwing some shapes wouldn’t go astray.

The experience…

To help cut through promoters are going above and beyond when it comes to theming places from top to bottom to really help dancers forgot about their usual day to day and instead step into another world.

While this seems like a huge call out to snap and share, if promoters were to bring in a rule saying a big ole NO to cameras than the only way to experience it would to be to buy a ticket for the next one!

Soon it’d be the usual to forgot the mobile portal and instead connect with the peeps around ya.

The conclusion…

Would popping stickers over cameras on your mobile phone really be that much of a stretch if it kicked off this weekend when you head out clubbing? Why not give it a go!


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