Mazde Drops Future Pop Anthem With Aussie Rromarin

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Mazde Drops Future Pop Anthem With Aussie Rromarin

In the lead up to an European tour, Mazde has launched his latest single in ‘Fading Out’ featuring the one half of Kult Kyss, Rromarin.

The latest track from the German based producer comes off the back of a double Hype Machine topping ”Wicked Winds” and remix pack of Neverland featuring Mazde’s mates MEMBA and Ark Patrol putting their trap and hip hop influence to work.

‘Fading Out’ delivers a stunning signature Mazde production with spirited synths, splashed with a wide soundscape and enhanced by Aussie Rromarin’s warm, velvety and ethereal vocals. The song makes me feel like I’m surfing a whale peacefully jumping out of the water in a crystal clear blue ocean. If only the world was as pure as this song!


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