Labels will soon be able to buy into Spotify playlists

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Labels will soon be able to buy into Spotify playlists

Spotify has revealed it is introducing a new ‘sponsored songs’ avenue for artists or labels to promote specific tracks on the streaming platform.

The news comes days after Spotify revealed it’s surprising drop in numbers at the end of the financial year, and seems to be one of their answers to increase revenue.

So how does this work? As reported by Tech Crunch, labels are paying to have their tracks pop up on Spotify’s unpaid tier, such as playlists – which are becoming increasingly popular.

Naturally, there have been mixed responses to this, with one of the most common questions arising being that of Spotify’s integrity, with concerns that money is now overtaking talent – who’d have guessed that?

However, Spotify responded to this with claims they are still in testing mode, and there is more work to be done. They also added that users are able to opt out of the testing.

From a business standpoint, this does seem like the next step for the streaming platform, but do you think they are going about it the right way?

Have a read through some comments below, and let us know what you think.

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(Via: Industry Observer)


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