Kings Cross gig shut down at 9:30pm after noise complaint!

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Kings Cross gig shut down at 9:30pm after noise complaint!

EDIT: The venue made the choice to shut the party down after receiving direct noise complaints.

This is just fucked. Plain and simple.

An official VIVID Live performance from Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of a Tony Hawk Pro Skater Cover Band (yeah, they exist) at the Kings Cross Hotel was cut short last night when a noise complaint was made at 9:30pm… Legit.

This stale reaction from the authorities is another prime example of what is wrong with this city, and follows some heinous acts from the NSW Police at Club 77 last weekend.

One punter told Ped.Tv that the band was only “four songs in, a dude takes the stage and announces there’s been several noise complaints and the cops showed up and they have to shut it down. They announced refunds and one free drink each.”

The band are naturally pretty pissed off about it all, taking to Facebook afterwards to vent their frustrations. Check it out below.

Pretty gross stuff. However, on the flip side, Keep Sydney Open are hosting a massive Kings Cross festival next month that will be bringing numerous venues together in a  bid to boost foot traffic and morale in the area. Check out more on that party right here.

Sydney is pretty messed up right now, but I still think we can turn that around.


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