Vin Diesel And Steve Aoki Have A ‘Grammy Worthy’ Collab In The Works

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Vin Diesel And Steve Aoki Have A ‘Grammy Worthy’ Collab In The Works

Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel has slapped down a music card on the table and added it to his acting career.

Teaming up with Steve Aoki, the two are supposedly cooking up a ‘Grammy Worthy’ tune. We’re not sure wether to laugh or cry…

It could actually be pretty decent or it could an absolute flop (Sorry Vin). Now we know Vinny loves his fast cars and action-packed, high energy adventures but will he apply the fast & furious and energy to this upcoming track with Steve Aoki or will they take it in a completely different direction?

If you follow Steve Aoki on snapchat, you would have caught on to his little snippets of the pair’s studio sessions. No confirmed date or title has been released about the collab but hopefully we might hear something from either of them soon. We’re a little curious!

“I’m gonna get a Grammy before I get an Oscar!” joked Vin Diesel.

Well if it’s anything like your Kygo collab, I wouldn’t be golding my breath, Vin…


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