AirBNB Gets Turned Into A Fully Functioning Nightclub

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AirBNB Gets Turned Into A Fully Functioning Nightclub

“It sounded like Fabric was upstairs” were the words of a curious and concerned neighbour, who witnessed a small flat in Canonbury, UK, turn into a fully functioning nightclub.

Yes, believe it, just when you thought you might have over-done it by clogging the loo at your weekend getaway, this group of tourist have successfully brought the concept of a ‘nightmare tenant’ to a new level.


The group rolled in a sound system, DJ equipment, a bouncer and charged entry for the roughly 200 attendees who came through for this residential throw-down.

One neighbour, who is nursing a pregnant wife, says “It was the worst night ever. I could hear the music louder than if I was playing it in my own living room. There was a bouncer stopping people without a ticket from going in. You needed the riot police, not one guy from the council – there were fights outside in the street.

They must have been standing on top of each other in there – it’s a one-bedroom flat. It was like Alice in Wonderland watching them come out.There was a microphone and professional speakers. I’ve got a pretty good sound system in my house and it was better than that. It was horrible music – the worst night’s sleep ever.”

The party was said to run until 6am in the morning before wrapping up. I guess it’s safe to assume our disgruntled neighbour didn’t get much shut-eye that night. And despite the ridiculousness of the event, no criminal charges have been laid.

Partygoers = 1

Devo neighbours = 0

*Disclaimer: Will Ferrell was NOT at said party as the photo may suggest*

(Via Mixmag)


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