Giorgio Moroder Weighs In On The Chainsmokers

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Giorgio Moroder Weighs In On The Chainsmokers

Giorgio Moroder has recently praised US-duo The Chainsmokers in an interview with Paper Magazine.

The electronic music don, who played a key role in introducing the world to contemporary pop music, was asked a question on the current blend of electronic and pop music in todays music, to which he referred to The Chainsmokers in his response, saying: “They are quite different from what you hear, they don’t care about steady rhythm or steady dance. They’re quite good.”

Despite a lot of the electronic music community criticising The Chainsmokers, I guess Giorgio sees through that and notices the important stuff, like how to make a smash hit.

The interview also tapped onto his relationship with Daft Punk, who recently performed once again at the GRAMMYs, describing their musical relationship as strong and that they “know my music better than I do”.

What do you think of Giorgio’s statements about The Chainsmokers? Do you agree or disagree?

Have a listen to The Chainsmokers latest track with Coldplay and let us know.

(Via PAPER and Dancing Astronaut)


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