Two Massive Music Agencies Have Merged To Become One

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Two Massive Music Agencies Have Merged To Become One

The merger which saw AM Only and Windish Talent Agency combine to make Paradigm Talent Agency has now been finalised.

With the two now trading under Paradigm Talent Agency, they’ve cemented themselves as one of the biggest talent agencies in the world.

Both were known for their heavily packed indie and dance rosters, which contained the likes of M83, DJ Snake and KSHMR among a plethora of others.

The merge seems to have been a long time coming, Tom Windish, founder of the Windish Agency saying,

The partnership with Paradigm has brought a tremendous group of agents and resources together under one roof on a worldwide scale. We have always shared the same values and I am proud to now share the same name,

Paradigm have worked and will continue to work in conjunction with their European counterpart CODA Agency, based in London.

You can check the full statement from Paradigm Talent Agency here.

Via: Dancing Astronaut


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