The Electronic Music Industry is worth a whole lot of money

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The Electronic Music Industry is worth a whole lot of money

Looks like electronic music is still very much thriving. The International Music Summit has released their IMS Business Report which has shown a 3% growth in the electronic music industry over the past year, making it’s total value a whopping $7.3 billion.

The report was announced to key leaders at IMS Ibiza, where key factors for the genres surge were touched upon.

Some points included the fact that top tier DJs are now being paid less, and underground/up-and-coming DJs are getting paid more. The report also showed a growth in popularity for Drum and Bass.

One point that was quite intriguing, and might be something to note for all you DJ hopefuls out there, was that artists are finding it easier to connect Facebook. A huge 11x the rate, fact.

So where does electronic music stand now? Well were currently the fifth highest grossing genre in the US and on Beatport, and rising! Where do you see electronic music in five years time? Will it be the top dog in the music world?

(Via: Mixmag)


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