This Tiny Synth Was Designed By A 9-Year-Old

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This Tiny Synth Was Designed By A 9-Year-Old

Tiny and portable pieces of studio quality equipment are definitely a thing at the moment, we saw it with Roland last week with their pocket-sized mixer, and we’re seeing it again in the way of Teenage Engineering’s brand new gadget.

The PO-32 is a fully-functional synth, and it legit fits inside your pocket. But thats not the coolest part, the coolest part is by far the fact that its interface was designed by Teenage Engineering CEO’s daughter, who is only 9-years-old!

Insane, right? Despite being conceived by a child, the synth is no toy. The PO-32 has a built-in microphone, which allows users to record whatever and wherever they please and then start manipulating. It also has a host of percussion-centered sounds and audio plugins users can access, all courtesy of Sonic Charge technology’s Magnus Lidström.

The PO-32 is expected to be available from April, and will run for an estimated $89USD.

Check it out below.


(Via: Dancing Astronaut)


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