Soundcloud Uploads To Be Eligible For Grammys In 2018

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Soundcloud Uploads To Be Eligible For Grammys In 2018

It’s a new day in the music world; your str8 fire mixtapes will now be eligible for a Grammy. You can thank Chance The Rapper for that one, he spent some time last year campaigning for the Grammys to recognise free music, he started a petition which ended in the Grammys agreeing, although they denied that Chance had anything to do with the decision.

Skip forward to the present, where it has been announced that, starting in 2018, projects released via Soundcloud will be eligible to win the coveted award.

The Grammys have clarified that in order for releases on a streaming service such as Soundcloud to be eligible, the service must exist for at least a year and it also must have a paid subscription option. Which explains why Soundcloud posts aren’t able to be nominated for the Grammy awards just yet, with Soundcloud launching their Go service just under a year ago.

Chance dropped the news via his Twitter. Although previously he’s previously stated that “The victory this morning isn’t about me, it’s about all the Soundcloud albums that may now be recognised for excellence.”


What do you think of this move? Let us know.

Via Dancing Astronaut.


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