Major Dance Music YouTube Channel Exposed As Hacker

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Major Dance Music YouTube Channel Exposed As Hacker

Popular YouTuber Vexxed has shared a video on the platform calling out massive dance music channel Trap Nation as being a hacker.

The video was uploaded last night, nearly tipping over the 80,000 view mark in under 24-hours and goes into detail on how/why Vexxed believes Trap Nation is doing the dirty.

The video runs for just under 40-minutes, but focuses mainly on a particular incident. Vexxed writes: ”

The main part of the video is that Hekya‘s channel was shut down as a direct result of Andre (Trap Nation CEO) linking Hekya to his friend Kerem. Andre and Kerem were good friends and had met in Turkey. Kerem knew the guy in lizard squad who called a bomb threat on the CEO of Sony’s plane. Andre is also a member of Hack Forums. The Forums helped him learn to rat and DDOS. Andre botted on Runescape and spread Rats over his old YouTube channel which led to its termination. In theory Trap Nation could be terminated because you can not open a new YouTube channel after a termination but this is quite unlikely to happen.”

In direct response to the video in the comments, Trap Nation wrote:

“Surprised people didn’t know a lot of this information about me already. Although Vexxed basically just hyped up old news about my personal life, a lot of this isn’t true. Hekya and I are friends, I’m helping him rebuild his channel by uploading a video featuring him in it. I personally thought I could help with the people I knew and unfortunately, it didn’t work out. Now after all this shit, it’s finally come to a YouTuber making a video about me focusing on how bad of a person I was when I realistically was just a young kid who made a dumb mistake here and there. I’m 19 now, still very young, Trap Nation is something I’ve spent 4 years of my life building, waking up at 3 A.M before school to find music and render a video, then sleeping in all my classes because I was so goddamn fucking tired. I’ve never ONCE directed people to my channel using a botnet, I’ve never once faked or did anything illegitimate on my channel to boost me above others, and I’ve never removed a strike using an illegal method. I think this video overlooks at how much I’ve actually tried to do something right, by trying to help underground artists be heard, by trying to use my money to hire people and provide jobs in an under-paying industry, fuck sake I barely pay myself enough to live in Los Angeles. If you’re going to unsubscribe to me and attack me because of dumb things I’ve done in my past, then be it, but I’d just like to let people know that I’m not a bad person, I’m not a hacker, and a lot of this is stated in a way that makes it look 10x worse than it actual is. I’m not saying what i’ve done in the past isn’t bad, because it is, but I do think it’s overlooked by a lot of other contributing factors that aren’t stated in this video.”¬†

It’s all very brow-raising content, and a solid watch for anyone who has the 37-minutes to kill. Do you think it’s legit? Watch the video in full below and let us know what you think.


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