Music Hack Day Comes To Sydney

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Music Hack Day Comes To Sydney

After a weekend full of hacking with creative folks in Amsterdam, Music Hack Day travels to Sydney, Australia next month!

So what is it about? Music Hack Day is an event where music hackers and tech lovers gather around on the weekend and create cool music-related hacks of any kind: If you’re into soldering transistors and IC chips to create weird next-level sound mangling device, then this event is for you. If you’re into software-based sound manipulations or web applications that is also music related, then this event is also definitely for you.

The Sydney Music Hack Day will be held in two days, 28th to 29th of April. And you don’t have to do it alone by the way – you are allowed to team up with your friends or even other music hackers (via the wiki, which should be available from their main website a few days before the actual event). Feel like participating but have only a vague idea of what to do? We advise you to check the list of previous events, such as these ones from the SF Music Hack Day.

Though not listed in the website, a pre-party is usually held before the actual event (according to our experience in Amsterdam). That will be a great time to socialize with fellow hackers and discuss about hacks and collaborations.

For those who wants to join but lives outside of the city, worries not as the website also provides a section with information about places to crash for the night.

This is a free event, but as the place is limited, registrations will be accepted on a first-come-first serve basis, so quickly register yourself before its full!


Official website

Event rundown
Places to stay

Written by Lolski. Featured photo by Eliot Van Buskirk.


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