Trap Nation Allegedly Offers $10,000 To Have Hacking Claims Video Removed

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Trap Nation Allegedly Offers $10,000 To Have Hacking Claims Video Removed

In an interesting turn of events in the Trap Nation x Vexxed debacle, Vexxed has released a follow-up video where he claims he has been offered bribes as high as $10,000 USD to have the video removed.

The follow-up comes a week after the initial video was shared on the Vexxed YouTube channel, that claimed Trap Nation – host to over 100 million subscribers – has been involved in “hacking, doxxing, buying malware, selling malware spreading methods, hacking accounts and spreading Trojans using one of his Youtube channels”.

In the new video, Vexxed describes what he has been going through since the initial release, admitting he has been threatened multiple times – including threats from Kerem the hacker – as well as from hacking forums, with one example included depicting that they should “deal with him”. EDIT: Kerem has since reached out to us and explained these comments were made by fans, not himself.

On top of this, Vexxed also includes a video within his own from a fellow YouTuber, GLINK, who conducted his own investigation into the “YouTube EDM community, and revealed even more corruption”.

The new video is featured below, along with the original. There has been no further comment from Trap Nation other than their official statement last week that you can read here. We will continue to report on this as it unfolds.



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