Mike Baird Tries To Be Funny. It Backfires

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Mike Baird Tries To Be Funny. It Backfires

News South Wales’ ever-so controversial Premier Mike Baird has made himself look like a total schmuck today, after posting a smug photo to his official Facebook page that stinks of douchebagery.

The photo depicts Baird standing in front of his mural – courtesy of artist Scott Marsh – at the Gladstone hotel in Sydney, where he writes:

“Did you know that NSW has an official “graffiti removal day”?

Well, it does. And it’s today.

Just saying.”

The post follows Baird’s recent decision to reverse the Greyhound ban and make minor changes to the lockout laws, as suggested in the anti-climactic Callinan review.

Check out the post here and below. I wonder how long until he deletes this one? Or how much work he just dumped on his assistants who delete neg comments?



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