Transport NSW Share Awkward And Inaccurate Nightlife Video

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Transport NSW Share Awkward And Inaccurate Nightlife Video

Transport for NSW has uploaded a painfully cringeworthy video to Facebook to promote local nightlife.

In a nutshell, the have enlisted the help of the young, overly chipper ‘singer/dancer/public figure’Jayden Rodrigues,  who ventures out on the town on a Summer’s night to delve into what the city has to offer. It’s quite depressing to say the least.

His big night out includes going to an empty George St cinema, walking through a fairly quiet Chinatown market, singing karaoke while eating sushi and winning a giant plush Minion doll at the Market City arcade. Not to mention the “cheap” parking stations throughout the city he refers too (??). It’s all very, very awkward.

But awkwardness aside, we’ve got to tip the hat for at least attempting to promote Sydney’s night time economy, it definitely needs it. But unfortunately this video doesn’t quite hit the mark, and judging by some of the comments they’re receiving on the video, a lot of you agree.

The reality is, Sydney nightlife IS suffering, and a one-sided, heavily scripted video isn’t going to fix that. Sorry Transport NSW, you didn’t quite get there with this one. Maybe try it again in Kings Cross or Oxford St next time and give some of the local nightclubs and bars still going a well deserved leg-up?

Watch the video in full below, and tell us what you think of it.


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