Berlin backs clubs with huge funding initiative

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Berlin backs clubs with huge funding initiative

While Sydney loses another iconic institution, (RIP World Bar) Germany is doing even more to secure its nightlife and culture.

A proposed plan from last year has just come into effect, meaning that nightclubs in Berlin can now apply for government grants of up to €100k for soundproofing. This comes after some residents were complaining of the noise and wanting to sleep according to Der Taggespiegel

Clubs will still have to contribute a small percentage to their allotted funds, and keep their venue alive for two years, but it still seems like a pretty good deal in keeping clubs with a bigger picture goal alive.

The plan hopes to “preserve the Berlin club culture by promoting noise abatement measures and to ensure the long-term compatibility of living space and club operations in the immediate vicinity.”

With this Berlin continues to do what Sydney can’t: Promote nightlife, culture and aim towards a harmony between residents and those of the night community.

Tell us if you think these ideas would help Aussie nightlife!


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