NSW Government Agrees To Adopt Lockout Law Changes

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NSW Government Agrees To Adopt Lockout Law Changes

The NSW Government has revealed they will adopt changes suggested in the Callinan Review of the Sydney lockout laws.

As reported by 9 News, the changes will be starting in January on a trial period of two-years, extending closing hours from 3.00am to 3.30am, and lockout times extended from 1.30am to 2.00am, provided venues offer live entertainment, live performances or art and cultural events including bands and DJs.

The changes also include the sale of takeaway alcohol being pushed to 11pm instead of 10pm, the extension of the liquor licence freeze in the CBD and Kings Cross until June 1, 2018, increasing small bar patron capacity from 60 to 100, and providing automatic extended trading to 2am for small bars in the CBD.

The Callinan review was published back in September and sparked a lot of heated debate as well as influencing the second massive Keep Sydney Open rally (see photos from the day here).

Speaking on the review, NSW Premier Mike Baird says “Mr Callinan found that the lockout laws introduced in February have resulted in ‘much safer, quieter and cleaner areas’,” NSW premier Mike Baird said.

“We want this to be dynamic. If we see an uptick in violence, we will revert back to where we were… We want to ensure we continue to listen.”

Baird also confirmed that statistics of violence will be looked at annually to assist in whether or not further changes need to be made.

Unfortunately no additional policy was pushed forward in the form of additional transport, police patrols, CCTV, RSA and RSG overhaul, public toilets, a night Mayor, tier’d licensing for good and bad operators or any other ideas conceived by the Keep Sydney Open movement.

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(Via 9 News)


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